Rihards Matrevics | MD-PRO

U17 Goalkeeper, Rihards, joined the brand in March 2016 and is currently signed at West Ham FC as a YTS and also part of the Latvian U21 setup. Rihards is a very promising Goalkeeper and we are delighted to have him on board so we can support him on his journey.

Age: 19

Current club: West Ham FC

Previous club(s): SK Babite (2006-2015

2017/18 glove choice: Exposure V.2 SMU


Q1: In your opinion, what is the fundamental attributes for a goalkeeper to have in order to play at the highest level possible in today's modern game?

A1: I think the goalkeeper has to have reliable kicking and good feet and he also has to be able to come for crosses, organise the defence and be a presence. Obviously he also has to be a good shot stopper with good positioning and awareness/being on the front foot is important.

Q2: What originally interested you in being a goalkeeper and when did you start playing in goal?

A2: I always wanted to be a goalkeeper even before I started playing football. I think it's because the goalkeeper can have a massive impact on the game and basically keep a clean sheet by himself. I started playing in goal when I was about 11 but even before that when me and my friends played I always liked to go in goal.

Q3: What are your career ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

A3: I want to play in the Premier League and Latvia first team, I can see myself working my way up through the academy and the first team.

Q4: Do you have a role model?

A4: I've always had people around me I look up to and learn from, most of them around my family but there are some people in England too. It is also great to see what first team goalkeepers here do whenever I get to train there. I can't really single anyone out as a role model.

Thanks Rihards!

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