We strongly recommend that you pre-wash your gloves at least once, maybe even twice before first use as during the manufactoring process, chemicals are used in order to protect the latex. A pre-wash will remove these chemicals from the palm and really make the latex come alive and become "tacky".

Our gloves are suitable for use in all weather conditions with our Giga known to be great in both wet and dry along with being one of the most durable on the market. 

How to pre-wash?

Use the same method as seen below in the maintain process.


It’s imperative that you look after your gloves in order to maximise your performance – it’s easy and simple. All you need is some warm water and a cool, dry place to hang them.

Simply scrub the palm under a tap running with warm water. Once you can physically see all of the mud and dirt has been removed, hold them under the tap again to rinse and squeeze the dirt out. Once all that is complete, hang them to dry in preparation for your next session/match.

TIP (for younger keepers especially): Soaking your gloves with water will not neceserally make them perform better, but if anything, makes the grip less effective. After a pre wash/wash, hang them to dry so that they are slightly moist when you next use them - This is the perfect state for your gloves. If the palm is slightly moist, the grip will really come alive.

  • We wouldn't recommend you to use a washing machine when washing your gloves - they will lose their functionality quicker. Although this is an option for some, and as a tip, if you where to use this method, we would advise a low 30 (max) degree temperature with a small bit of detergent and no softener

  • Do NOT leave in direct sunlight

  • Do NOT leave to dry on a radiator

Please note - We strongly recommend that you wash your gloves after every use!