Cherie Rowlands | MD-PRO

Cherie joined the brand in 2013 and was officially announced as the third MD-PRO Endorsee since the launch. Cherie is a talented, hard working individual and we are delighted to have her on board.

Age: 29

Current club: West Ham Ladies

Previous clubs: C&K Basildon Ladies, Barnet Ladies, Arsenal Women (Loan - FA Womens Super League) and London Bees 

2017/18 glove choice: Exposure V.1


Q1: In your opinion, what is the fundamental attributes for a goalkeeper to have in order to play at the highest level possible in today's modern game?

A1: Be Confident, Be Comfortable, Communicate and Work Hard on and off the pitch, these have to be the key attributes of a modern goalkeeper. If you can do these, you will shine. Being a modern goalkeeper isn't all about stopping shots. 

Q2: What originally interested you in being a goalkeeper and when did you start playing in goal? 

A2: I never intended on being a goalkeeper, I wanted to be like David Beckham but when I joined my first girls football team at the age of 11 I was asked to go in goal. Turns out I wasn't too bad at it and I am still between the sticks now. 

Q3: What are your career ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5/10 years? 

A3: I would love to stay at Arsenal after my loan period is out, so I have to work hard. Failing that I would still like to be involved at a Women's Super League 1 club and possibly break into the International side of things. I would like to maintain the level that I am playing at, so fingers crossed. 

Q4: Do you have a role model? 

A4: It HAS to be Peter Schmeichel, I grew up as a Manchester United fan and I idolised the man. Everything about him, he was just brilliant in all he did. I couldn't fault him, I just wish I had some of his height!!!

Thanks Cherie!

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