Clarke Bogard | MD-PRO


We are delighted to now have Clarke Bogard on board as an official MD-PRO Endorsee. Clarke is currently part of West Ham Utd's U21 Development Squad having been at the club since the age of 8. We look forward to supporting Clarke over the coming years and being a part of his journey!

Age: 18

Current club: West Ham United (currently on loan at Tilbury FC)

Previous club(s): West Ham since the age of 8. 

2015/16 glove choice: Exposure V.1


Q1: In your opinion, what is the fundamental attributes for a goalkeeper to have in order to play at the highest level possible in today's modern game? 

A1: Distribution - The amount a goalkeeper touches the ball, 80% of the work is with his feet so his ability to play out and distribute the ball with his feet are massively important. Also, the starting position is now huge as seen by Neuer- becoming an extra defender can prevent goals and prevent attacks, plus having a positive starting position is key. The demand on footwork around the goal is huge as recently seen by Lloris and Joe hart.

Q2: What originally interested you in being a goalkeeper and when did you start playing in goal?

A2: I always liked the idea of being able to save shots and help my team win the game, goals are just important as big saves. I always liked throwing myself in front of the ball and being a hero for the team. I first went in goal aged 7.

Q3: What are your career ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

A3: I would love to be playing in the Premiership, it's the best league in the world and it is so entertaining. But to stay in the game and to be playing in the Football League would be a very good achievement for me.

Q4: Do you have a role model?  

Yes. Adrian is a massive role model for me. To be able to work closely to him at West Ham is great, you see just how fast you need to move across the goal and how quickly you have to make a decision. Also I like De gea and Lloris due to the massive saves they make, and they're ability with there feet on the ball.

Thanks Clarke!

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